Zino Lexili Ogazi
Zino Lexili OgaziCreative Director
Executive Producer/Producer & Director  
Miss Black Beauty Africa & Black Beauty Africa Awards

Zino Lexili Ogazi  is a Ghana-based Nigerian, she is currently a law student and an international multiple award winning beauty Queen & creative entrepreneur.
She is a commercial model, Black Beauty Advocate, writer, Content creator & philanthropist. She is the chairperson of SUPREME DYNAMIC CONCEPTS LIMITED, which is the mother company to SUPREME DYNAMIC AGENCY & SUPREME DYNAMIC TALENT ACADEMY, She is also the Chairperson or in other words, Founder, executive producer, producer & director of MISS BLACK BEAUTY AFRICA & BLACK BEAUTY AFRICA AWARDS. 
Zino is also the owner of the award winning clothing brand, YES! BLACK & PROUD CLOTHING.
As a result of her service oriented humanitarian – nature, she founded & established URBAN AND RURAL DREAM FOUNDATION.
In a nutshell, she is a young leader, sponsor of goodwill, and a trendsetter for leadership, with a mission to display the richness & beauty of cultural diversity within the African Community.
Her passion is to create young African female leaders , who can effect positive change wherever they go. She is a lover of good music.