Eric Michael Ogazi
Eric Michael OgaziCreative Director
Co-Producer & Stylist 
Miss Black Beauty Africa & Black Beauty Africa Awards. 

Eric Michael Ogazi is a Nigerian native and library Science graduate. He is Nigeria’s youngest and most influential international suave fashion stylist, who has grown into a public figure in his own right. Eric is the C.E.O of Eric-Floy’s Autograph; he is an image consultant, personal shopper, Designer, model & philanthropist. Adding to his long list of hustle, he is the co-producer for Miss Black Beauty Africa & Black Beauty Africa awards & also he is the official stylist for Miss Black Beauty Africa. As an ambitious driven individual, he has intentions of taking up hosting and acting career in the near future. In a nutshell, he can best be described as a young leader, the achievement hunter, the educated stylist & fashion trendsetter who lives and breathes fashion.