Sakina Seidu
Sakina SeiduCreative Director
Co-Producer & Marketing Manager
Miss Black Beauty Africa & Black Beauty Africa Awards

Miss Sakina Seidu, is a devout Christian and currently a Money Market dealer by profession at the National Investment Bank.
Prior to working with National Investment Bank, she worked in Customer Service at Stanbic Bank whilst in school in 2010 and then gaining more experience after school whilst in the Corporate affairs department in uniBank (Ghana) Limited for Two (2) years. In February 2013, Miss Seidu joined Roverman Productions, the lead Theater group in Ghana where she had the honour of featuring in Three (3) Plays.
Known by all her friends as being dramatic, peculiar and sometimes over the top, it should not come as a surprise to know that, during her leisure times, she is running to one production after the other, dancing and acting out to whoever is her audience or rehearsing with her second family over at Roverman Productions. This she explains as being her passion hence requiring more of her. When given the chance, Sakina speaks fondly of the wonderful impact television and the entertainment industry has had on her sense of wonder and adventure.
It should therefore not surprise you that, her favorite memory is of her playing her first role ever as Sweetie in “Unforgiven” on a big platform as Roverman and then Two (2) extra roles in “Forbidden”; a peculiar role of a human flower pot and then again in “Puppeteers”.
Being a strong and passionate supporter of the Arts, with plans of producing a material (movie, skit, stage Play, Series, TV Show, etc.) aligned to her ideals, Miss Seidu has already Executive Produced a Stage Play titled “Atonement” by the very talented director Mr. Kwame Larbi .
Sakina is also the Co-producer & marketing manager for Miss Black Beauty Africa & Black Beauty Africa Awards.
She continues to find ways of being involved in young enterprising people with big dreams on her search to 
to push Entrepreneurship to greater heights.